Friday, February 12, 2010

JELLYBEANS REPORT #1 (Pendant Necklaces)

The season's sleeper hit is the pendant necklace. Ranging from petite pieces (like Kate Moss’s favorite medallion) to oversized and ornate (as seen on Rihanna), the ultra long pendant necklace is hanging around all kinds of notable necks.

As evidence of the pendant’s recent popularity, we gathered a wide range of celebrity examples. Lauren Conrad was seen leaving Foxtail, the fashionable supper club in West Hollywood, wearing an old-fashioned gold pendant in tandem with a few skinnier, shorter chains. Over in the UK, Kate Moss wore her favorite round pendant on an extended-length fine chain when attending a private viewing of Linda McCartney’s photographs in London. (While Ms. Moss can double book her neck and simultaneously wear a scarf and pendant, this isn’t a look for everyone. If you must, just make sure to wear your pendant on a delicate chain.) Over in Covent Garden, Peaches Geldoff was snapped sporting a vintage gold tassel pendant as she departed the European offshoot of Bungalow 8. Alexa Chung wore her beloved vintage pendant (one of her signature accessories lately) when checking out the O2 Wireless Festival in Hyde Park earlier this month. Rihanna also chose a long pendant necklace for a music event—her own performance on The Early Show! 
Source: whowhatwear